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Computer Repair Servies
Computers can often behave unpredictably when they are problematic.  A slowly running computer can be costly both in terms of money and time.  If you encounter any error message, or your computer is not turning on.  Just contact us to get your computer fixed and run perfectly. 

IT Services for Your Business Computer and Network Systems.


Call our office to discuss your issue or schedule a service appointment.

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Computer Installation Services

Have to install one or several new servers or computer systems?  You need to install a new software on your computer or to migrate data from old computer?  We are just one call away. Call us. 

Virus Removal Services

Virus is a threat for every computer user.  When your computer is infected, contact us. We are expert in virus removal and fixing the corruption it has done to your computer. Our team will educate you   We can indorse and provide you maintenance against virus infection. 

Computer Network Services

Computer network is an essential for your work. If you want to get a maintenance, upgrade, network security, or any network enhancements, just call us. We will provide all network services you need.  We can manage both wired or wireless networks. 

Data Backup & Restore

We design and offer on-site and off-site backup and restoration solutions for you.  Is your backup ready to get restored? This backup test is. necessary in case you ever actually need to restore your data you will know it works. 

Business - Computer Repair Services

Your business needs a special and on-time responsive computing services company.  We support servers, desktops, laptops, and networks.  With over 30 years experience, our support is responsive at a cost effective price.  Call us.

Any number of computers, one or many; You need to have a computer running perfectly. When your computers are not working well. You can trust our company and call us anytime you need.